Tyler Winklevoss: “The smartest people in the room are quietly buying Bitcoin”

Renowned financial players continue to buy Bitcoin. Over the course of 2020, more than a handful of traditional finance giants have purchased stacks of Bitcoin (BTC), including billionaire Paul Tudor Jones and the business intelligence company MicroStrategy. These investments are part of a large influx of money into BTC, said the co-founders of the Gemini […]

I bancomat Bitcoin aumentano dell’85% da inizio anno in mezzo a una crescente adozione

Le installazioni di ATM di Bitcoin sono aumentate dell’85% nel 2020 a 11.798. La domanda di pagamenti digitali e contactless è aumentata in risposta alla pandemia COVID-19 Il numero di bancomat bitcoin ha continuato ad aumentare per tutto il 2020, indicando una crescente adozione in mezzo alla pandemia di coronavirus in corso. Secondo i dati […]

King Bitcoin continues to dub Prince Ethereum

The king confirms the prince – Throughout 2020, DeFi has created a place of choice in the crypto ecosystem. Initially reserved for Ethereum, it has opened up to other cryptocurrencies, such as King Bitcoin. Bitcoin invades Ethereum After recently passing the symbolic mark of $ 2 billion tokenized on the Ethereum network , the number […]

Bitcoin paper wallet: a step by step guide

Among the different wallets, i.e. the wallet in which the private keys to access our Bitcoins are stored, there are paper wallets. In fact, there are different ways to store your crypto: hardware wallets, custodian or not, desktop, mobile app and the so-called paper wallets, which are sheets of paper in which all the information […]

Beowulf Blockchain zal een lijst maken van zijn inheemse munt om de eigendom te decentraliseren.

Beowulf Blockchain onthulde dat het op 24 september 2020, om 20 uur ‘s avonds (GMT+8), op de Bittrex Global beurs een lijst met inheemse munten zou opstellen. Openstaand de Beowulf-blokketen Beowulf is een B2B gedecentraliseerd cloud-netwerk met een focus op bedrijfscommunicatiediensten. Het bedrijf biedt zijn gebruikers de voordelen van transparantie en implementatieklare oplossingen in verschillende […]

Bitcoin tar igjen $ 200 milliarder markedsverdi i plutselig bølge

Prisen på Bitcoin nærmer seg $ 11 000, mens Tethers markedsverdi eksploderer. Bitcoin Era har igjen oppnådd en markedsverdi på over 200 milliarder dollar etter at prisen fikk 4,2% den siste dagen. Bitcoins markedsverdi ligger nå på 201,8 milliarder dollar, opp fra 193,6 milliarder dollar denne gangen i går Bitcoins pris berørte nettopp en 24-timers […]

Ikke begivenhed? Hvorfor fredagens $ 272M CME Bitcoin futures udløb er uden betydning

Historiske data viser, at Bitcoin Loophole prisen falder med 2,3% forud for CME-futures udløb, skal de handlende forvente øget volatilitet? Chicago Mercantile Exchange (CME) Bitcoin futures og optionsmarkeder er modne til at modne denne fredag, hvilket får nogle forhandlere til at frygte, at den seneste BTC- dump er en formodning om svækkede markeder I henhold […]

Cameron Winklevoss chama o dólar americano de dinheiro engraçado enquanto os políticos negociam o pacote de estímulo.

O co-fundador da Bolsa Gemini Cameron Winklevoss disse que o dólar americano se tornou um dinheiro tão engraçado que os políticos estão agora “trilhões de dólares separados” em negociações de estímulo. As falhas de estímulo do Coronavirus mostram quão irrelevante o fornecimento de dólares se tornou, e esta “chamada de atenção” para aqueles que não […]